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Production Management

Mozambique’s stunning landscape, cultural heritage and world class diving including the world’s largest population of whale sharks and manta rays makes it a Mecca for television production companies. Moz Images with its years of experience and as one of the few fully licensed companies with an INAC filming license is perfectly poised to manage the following:

  • Location surveys and recce’s.
  • Pre-production assistance including advice on treatments and storyboards.
  • Sponsoring of filming permits and fixing, script approval (where necessary), immigration, working permits and customs clearance.
  • Providing crew, including production crew, camera crew, expedition leaders and medics, riggers, drivers etc.
  • Booking accommodation & arranging transfers.
  • Vehicle hire.
  • Aerial surveys, filming and photography.

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"During the shoots in Mozambique, we were happy to cooperate with Moz Images/Sangue Bom Productions. Even in the remote area of Zavora, Moz Images/Sangue Bom was able to provide us with a brand new Sony EX-1, housing inclusive. Thanks to that, the shoots were not delayed."

Moz Images/Sangue Bom Productions also gave us the opportunity to film in a camp of shark fishermen, where without their help it would have been impossible to take shots. The cooperation with Moz Images/Sangue Bom resulted in exclusive images that have never been shown before.

Stefaan Ledeganck,
Reporter, Entourage Productions