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Wild Talk

The Wild Talk film festival held in the beautiful setting of Spier in Cape Town was a fabulous event. As well as attending seminars and watching the latest wild life films we pitched the shark documentary Shiver (go to the shiver page to learn more) to broadcasters from around the world including the BBC, Nat Geo and Smithsonian channels. 

The pitch was extremely well received and we are now in negotiations with major broadcasters so fingers crossed the English version of Shiver will become a reality sooner rather than later.

We also had the pleasure of diving with the cow sharks in Simons Town producing a video blog of Aaron Gekoski's travels and collecting stock footage. These incredible sharks are only a short shore dive away and are a cinematographers dream as they are very curious of divers and the kelp makes for a dramatic backdrop. We would like to say a big thank you to Pisces Divers and all their staff for their excellent service and a fantastic couple of days diving: Keep checking our latest news to see the video blog from our dives.

Diving with Dinosaurs: The Cow Sharks of Cape Town HD from Moz Images on Vimeo.

After spending the previous month roughing it in a rural shark camp, the 5 star comforts of working and staying in the Grace Hotel was a real contrast. Go to our gallery page to see more of the promotional photos produced to see what the hotel has to offer.

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