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Moz Images are committed to helping the environment and local communities through creating awareness of the threats to our planet. Through extraordinary, moving, and sometimes disturbing images we hope that people will come to care more about our earth and think about the consequences of their action or inaction.

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Our Contributions:
• Moz Images have produced code of conduct videos to educate divers and snorkelers how to interact with whale sharks and manta rays.
• We are proud founder members of the Marine Megafauna Foundation and Moz Slugs
• We are members of the Mozambican diving and conservation group AMAR.
• We have produced environmental and educational films for Governmental organisations, charities and NGO’s such as WWF, Ocean Revolution, Bitonga Divers, AMAR, ALMA, Positivo, Shark Project and Eyes On The Horizon and INATUR.
• We are responsible divers and filmmakers and never intentionally harm or disturb any wildlife.
• We produced Mozambique’s first documentary on shark finning and went on a road show around the country to promote the film and raise awareness, collecting signatures for a petition to ban long lining for sharks. Go to our facebook site to learn more.
• We are in the process of having Shiver translated into various Chinese dialects so that it can be shown around the country in an attempt to create awareness and stop the demand for shark fin soup.
• We have provided our footage and photographs for scientists in order to help with their understanding of the marine animals and ecosystems found here.
• We have provided photographs for numerous conservation articles, scientific journals and conservation group websites.

Please take a look at a selection of our Conservation community and educational videos.

PADI SCHOLARSHIP VIDEO HD from Moz Images on Vimeo.

“Pen and camera are weapons against oblivion, they can raise awareness for that which may soon be lost forever”
George Schaller, Conservationist

“Chris Scarffe’s conservation film-making efforts have aided us in a whole portfolio of marine education projects. Chris has a great talent for using his beautiful imagery to support positive change in Mozambique…”
“Chris’s work on shark fisheries has been responsible for a complete paradigm shift in how this much-misunderstood group of fishes is viewed in Mozambique which led to the government improving their management of these threatened species.”
Dr Simon Pierce, Executive Director Eyes On The Horizon