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Camera Crew

Moz Images experienced cameramen are equally at home working above or below the water. The teams local knowledge and experience means that they will get you the stunning shots you need.

Land Based Cameramen
Our cameramen are all experienced and passionate cinematographers who are used to obtaining stunning images in the often-demanding conditions of filming in Africa.

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Underwater cameramen
Our renowned underwater cameramen are passionate about the marine realm and have spent countless hours underwater in oceans all over the world. Our cameramen are available individually or as part of highly cohesive, hard working, can do film team.  Our footage has featured in a multitude of broadcast productions including the BBC and Discovery Channel. Being based in Tofo the home to the world’s largest recorded populations of whale sharks and mantas, there are few if any cameramen/women in the world who have spent more time interacting and filming these animals. If you need to hire a cameraman please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for our current rates.

Safety Divers
Our safety divers are an experienced bunch that will be there when you need them and keep themselves out of shot when not. As all our safety divers are experienced cameramen themselves they know how to deal with the needs of other cameramen and production crews. They are also available to capture behind the scenes, making of or publicity footage. Do you want to hire one of our safety divers? This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for rates.

"Chris Scarffe (of Moz Images) filmed underwater for me on a shoot for a new BBC series called Indian Ocean in December 2010. Chris’s experience and professionalism shone through - we were able to get some very powerful and technically-sound footage without any issues. On top of that he was very personable and a pleasure to work with."
Andrew Carter Director of BBC Indian Ocean Series

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