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Client Testimonial

BBCBBC Indian Ocean Series
Chris Scarffe (of Moz Images) filmed underwater for me on a shoot for a new BBC series called Indian Ocean in December 2010. Chris’s experience and professionalism shone through - we were able to get some very powerful and technically-sound footage without any issues. On top of that he was very personable and a pleasure to work with.

Andrew Carter Director of BBC Indian Ocean Series


'PADI International Ltd are delighted with the results of the work undertaken by Moz Images on our behalf. The original brief was followed carefully, and the subject matter handled with genuine care and sensitivity. The resulting film is uplifting and inspirational.'

Deborah Sutton
Marketing & Media Project Manager
PADI International Limited

Marine Megafauna AssociationMarine Megafauna Foundation
“It is Moz Images shared dedication to the cause, combined with their extensive experience, broadcast quality equipment and talent that makes them perfectly placed to capture stunning images and unique behaviours of marine animals. Their skilled and unobtrusive style together with their familiarity of working with MMF staff, and diving with mantas and whale sharks in demanding and challenging environments, means they have developed an outstanding ability to capture the best shots of these exceptional creatures.”

Please visit the Marine Megafauna Website for more information http:/
Dr. Andrea Marshall Lead Scientist/President Marine Megafauna Foundation

Associação de Limpeza e Meio Ambiente

Moz Images is currently working with the NGO ALMA. Two films have been produced to promote their message about the importance of responsible waste disposal and recycling. This includes a documentary about the problems of waste and the beneficial solution of recycling. The second film is a children’s educational recycling story about a drinks can, and her new found friends in the rubbish bin.  Go to to learn more

“Many thanks for the three movies you made for us over the last two and a half years. You have made our project kick off and happening overall. We had some ideas and ideals in our hands and our heads, but you made them visual and real!”

“With your incredible creative work it was so much easier to apply for fundings, catch the ears of local communities and address important environmental issues to the government. For ALMA, the work of Sangue Bom was the best facilitator we could ever imagine. Thank you so much and we wish you all the best and good luck with more cool projects!”

"Also, we want to thank you for the dedication and the commitment you guys put in, delivering way beyond expectations, on time and to budget. You made these movies to "all time classics" of environmental educational work"

“My statement about Sangue Bom ... You guys are brilliant!”

Elisabete Aparecida Silva
President, ALMA

Amanzi is an organisation offering high quality Instructor Development Training. AMANZI is based in South Africa but also offers training programs in Mozambique.  Go to to learn more.

I have had the privilege over the last 4 years to watch Dave Charley and Chris Scarffe from Sangue Bom Productions and Moz Images turn a pipe dream into a professional and established business in a very unlikely environment.

Not only are they capturing stunning imagery to try and boost tourism in the very beautiful Inhambane area but they are also addressing some tough issues about the environmental destruction in and around Mozambique.

Our company, Amanzi Instructor Development, called on Sangue Bom / Moz Images in 2008 to produce a short documentary for promotional purposes depicting the work we do in Mozambique regarding Scuba Diving Instructor Training and local upliftment. We were elated by the end product and recommend their services without any reservation. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Colleen Bernard
Padi Course Director

Associacao dos Mergulhadores Activos para os Recursos Marinhos

For AMAR, Sangue Bom / Moz Images produced vital pre-dive briefing videos, promoting environmental awareness and diver codes of conduct, to ensure the safety and sustainable use of the marine resources. These films featured the leading marine biologists on both whale shark and manta ray behaviour, and are now used by dive schools across the Inhambane province. 

Go to for more information

The documentary "Sharkwise" follows in the footsteps of Marc Sluszny during his journey through Africa. In Egypt, Mozambique and South-Africa we zoom in at the life of the local people and how they deal with the constant presence of sharks. The team Aquacam & Entourage Productions dives into the ocean with Mozambican spear fishermen, checks the shark nets together with the Natal Sharks Board, and comes across illegal shark finning.

“During the shoots in Mozambique, we were happy to cooperate with Sangue Bom Productions / Moz Images. Even in the remote area of Zavora, Sangue Bom / Moz Images was able to provide us with a brand new Sony EX-1, housing inclusive. Thanks to that, the shoots were not delayed.”

“Sangue Bom Productions / Moz Images also gave us the opportunity to film in a camp of shark fishermen, where without their help it would have been impossible to take shots. The cooperation with Sangue Bom / Moz Images resulted in exclusive images that have never been shown before.”

Stefaan Ledeganck,
Reporter, Entourage Productions

Positivo MozambiquePOSITIVO
Sangue Bom / Moz Images has been working closely with Positivo; an NGO who raise awareness of HIV/AIDS through music. We have produced promotional films for Positivo, documenting their tour around Mozambique and showcasing their music workshops many of which have been broadcast nationally. Go to to learn more.

“Sangue Bom / Moz Images has always supported Positivo since our first music workshops. Our work has a much greater impact thanks to the expertise and dedication of the Sangue Bom team. All our videos and documentaries have been filmed and produced by Sangue Bom / Moz Images with professional quality and a passion for making a difference in a society devastated by HIV/AIDS.”

"Thanks to the work of Sangue Bom / Moz Images, we are able to spread our positive messages in the national media. Videos of our work have been broadcast on national TV, which is a testament to the quality of Sangue Bom’s work."

Darren Clark
President, Positivo 

“Their footage is phenomenal and they have recorded some of the most incredible footage we have ever seen.  They are a dedicated and interested company which we are extremely happy to work with and support.” Go to to learn more.


Germen Development Cooperation
"Everybody involved in the collaboration, including the Provincial Government, different District Administrations and the members of various work committees as well as the GTZ team were impressed by Moz Images/Sangue Bom’s commitment and the professional product."

Philipp Johannsen
Provincial Team Leader Germen Development Cooperation

Moz Divers ZavoraMoz Divers Zavora
“Moz Images have been instrumental in our international marketing, their highly professional promotional DVD was shown recently by us at the Boat Show in Dusseldorf (Europe’s biggest dive show). This helped to set us apart and amaze viewers. It has been the perfect tool for our international agents to promote our pristine world class dive destination to potential clients as well as giving our website a cutting edge. We have worked with numerous other international broadcast film crews and have time and again found Moz Images experienced film crew to produce the best footage. What sets them apart is their professionalism, dedication and ability to operate both spontaneously and to project objectives achieving results beyond expectation.” Go to to learn more

Jon Wright, Manager Mozdivers Zavora


Eyes on the HorizonEYES ON THE HORIZON
Working with the coastline conservation organization, Eyes On The Horizon, Moz Images/Sangue Bom produced the hard-hitting shark conservation film: ‘Mozambican Sharks in Danger’. The film highlights how problems such as the threat of over-fishing and the demand for shark fin are affecting the shark population along the Mozambican coastline. Go to to read more

“So many thanks for the inspiration, the energy and the professionalism you guys had in doing this documentation about the shark fishing scene along the coast line. Without you, EOTH would never been able to get exposure on the shark fishing scene in Mozambique and hopefully we can take this a long way forward and stop the insane slaughter for fins!!!” 
"Sangue Bom / Moz Images" is not only "good blooded", but also very talented and we’re more than happy to have you guys as partners throughout the last years”.

Marcus Trerup
Project manager