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In 2010 Sangue Bom, which was officially founded in 2006, separated its services into film and photography and products. This led to the creation of Moz Images, a company that was purely devoted to producing the highest quality film and photography services for our clients. This new focus and drive coupled with the teams previous years of experience working in the region have enabled the company to become one of Africa’s leading marine and land based production companies.


Moz Images inaugural year was a huge success as it filmed produced and edited the highly acclaimed shark documentary Shiver, (you can view the documentary online here)  Shiver aired in October of 2010. The company also filmed for the BBC Indian Ocean series, which will screen in 2012 and its photographs featured in a host of online and print publications including: BBC, Africa Geographic, Nat Geo Traveller, Dive Site, Getaway, FHM and Sport Diver

Shiver Shiver Mozambique Shiver Mozambique

Founded by
Moz Images was founded by Chris Scarffe who is the owner and director of the company. Chris graduated with a Film and Media Honours Degree from Stirling University in 1998. Since then Chris has travelled the globe capturing stunning images both above and below the water. His footage and films have featured in numerous broadcast productions including the BBC and Discovery Channel.

Chris first arrived in Mozambique in 2007. Since then he has followed his passion for cinematography and the environment producing numerous critically acclaimed films, which have raised awareness of environmental, issues which are facing his adopted homeland.

“Chris Scarffe’s conservation film-making efforts have aided us in a whole portfolio of marine education projects. Chris has a great talent for using his beautiful imagery to support positive change in Mozambique…”

“Chris’s work on shark fisheries has been responsible for a complete paradigm shift in how this much-misunderstood group of fishes is viewed in Mozambique which led to the government improving their management of these threatened species.”
Dr Simon Pierce
Executive Director
Eyes On The Horizon  

Shiver Mozambique Shiver Mozambique Shiver Mozambique